Corporate Cleaning Services. 
  • Commercials Offices Cleaning Services.
  • Carpet Shampoo/ upholstery / Extraction.
  • Ad Hoc Cleaning Services.
  • Initial Cleaning / Pre Setup / Periodical Cleaning.
  • Clean IT Rooms/ Data Centers & Critical Area Thorough Cleaning.
  • Marble and Natural Stone Restorations.
  • IT / Server Room Cleaning.
  • Hospitality & Event Management services.
OUR practice to provide cleaning and disinfecting services to all areas within your working environment and the safe and swift nature of our cleaning solutions, techniques and equipments bring about a significant reduction in the disruption to your daily operations. We offer greater cost savings and a healthier work environment, which makes for healthier employees and higher productivity.


      Skills Training & Upgrading Services.

        First Skill        Multi Skill        Core-Trade                

  • Familiarization & Better understanding.
  • Safe work procedures.
  • Objectives & Purposes.
  • Hands on training & strategizing.
  • Pre testing & execution planning.
  • Every day, Evening and Sunday classes.
  • Multi-skill /Core-Trade BCA registration.
  • Convenient Training Location.
  • We train you to achieve 100% result.
  • All work permits holders welcome. 

To attain with determination and to gain 100% KNOWLEDGE & RESULTS.