About Us

SILVEROID ENTERPRISE PTE LTD, was established since 2003.We have been highly involved in providing commercial cleaning and maintenance services for corporate offices, such as investment Banking and high profiled environments. We offer a consistent and high quality cleaning and maintenance regime for our customers & clients. We have recruitment strength sufficient to meet the ongoing demand for our current customers and future clients. We are highly involved in the construction training field for all types of construction workers to be skilled and to enable them & their employers to excel in the industry.


SILVEROID ENTERPRISE PTE LTD has a firm management which believes and practices those who operationally strives together should have work efficiencies, and a work life balance in order to excel in their progression. Together clients and contractors would & will benefit in all expectations. We are solely independent and we offer consistent and high quality services. As part of our commitment to provide a responsive and effective service we were able to pledge our services with excellence.


SILVEROID ENTERPRISE PTE LTD aspires to achieve process excellence that will enable us to deliver services with guaranteed quality & always be assured that your expectations are met by our inspired eminence.